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Medical Trauma Therapy

Medical trauma can stem from a range of experiences, leaving a profound impact on your well-being. Whether it's a chronic medical condition, a traumatic injury, a difficult childbirth, negative encounters with medical treatment, or the challenges of navigating through COVID, the effects can be far-reaching. At our center, we are dedicated to helping you heal and regain a sense of control over your life.

What Is Medical Trauma?

You may have medical trauma if you have experienced any of the following things:

Medical trauma can be related to any injury, illness, or medical procedure. You can also have been witness to any of these things to have PTSD from medical trauma.

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How to Cope With Medical Trauma?

It is possible to cope with medical trauma. Therapy gives you the tools to effectively heal from medical trauma symptoms and reclaim your confidence.

Our trauma therapists have created a list of things they found most helpful for their clients overcoming medical trauma:

Our center offers a comprehensive approach to healing your medical trauma, which addresses your symptoms, personal needs, and goals. By incorporating these strategies, our therapists have proven themselves as the most effective trauma therapists.

Embrace Healing The Power of Trust in Therapeutic Relationships

“In my experience, the most effective aspect of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Establishing trust between a client and clinician is the first step to healing.”

What Does a Trauma Therapist Do?

Our certified and compassionate trauma therapists create a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore the effects of your trauma, process the events that led to your medical trauma, and create and implement a plan to minimize the effects of trauma on your life.

What Are the Signs of Medical PTSD?

Medical PTSD symptoms include:

You may not experience all of these medical PTSD symptoms. Any combination of trauma symptoms can be treated with the help of an empathetic therapist.

Signs of Medical PTSD

How Is Medical PTSD Treated?

Our therapists utilize a tested and proven trauma therapy curriculum developed by Liz Chelak, MSW, CCTSI, CRPS. The most crucial aspects of this curriculum, however, are your desires, input, and level of comfort in the therapeutic process. Our therapists value your self-determination, so a majority of your treatment is up to the person being treated- you. We believe each client knows what they need best, and our therapists are here to guide you and help you choose the right treatment for you.

However, an approximate outline of medical trauma therapy at the Trauma Therapy Center includes:

The Trauma Therapy Center offers a client-centered approach, which prioritizes self-determination and your participation in therapy. Our therapists will support you every step of your recovery.

Is It Normal to Feel Traumatized After Surgery?

Many people go through surgeries and feel completely fine after. However, some feel traumatized, which is normal too. This can happen if the surgery is unexpected or results in complications or pain. Sometimes, surgery can make you feel vulnerable or helpless, which is traumatizing on its own. If you are experiencing trauma symptoms after surgery it is completely normal and there is help available. Talk to one of our top therapists to learn more about why you feel traumatized and to receive trauma-informed care.

What Is Post Operative Stress Disorder?

Postoperative stress disorder (POSD) is a mental health condition that occurs after undergoing surgery.

The symptoms of POSD are similar to those of PTSD including:

These symptoms are a normal biological response to experiencing trauma. These responses can be treated through trauma therapy.

Who Benefits From Medical Trauma Therapy?

Imagine waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep and not dreading the day. You feel an increasing sense of peace. You feel confident and safe going out into the world and dealing with the challenges that lie ahead. You can feel your emotions without getting overwhelmed by them or letting them take over your day. You feel energized and motivated. Your relationships are improving. You know what you want and have a plan to achieve it. You can achieve reduced medical trauma PTSD symptoms by working with our therapists at the Trauma Therapy Center and begin creating the rest of your life.

How to Get Medical Trauma Therapy?

To get medical trauma therapy you can call our office and speak with one of our helpful receptionists. You can also contact us by email and ask any questions you have to help you better determine what therapy intervention is best for you.

How Often to See a Medical Trauma Therapist?

Trauma therapy works best if you meet with your therapist once per week. The length of therapy depends on the severity of your PTSD symptoms, your personal goals, and the treatment plan you and your therapist create.

If you’ve experienced medical trauma, our Trauma Therapy Center offers a comprehensive and client-centered approach to healing. Our trauma therapists, specializing in evidence-based interventions, provide effective strategies to manage trauma symptoms and empower your recovery. Don’t let medical PTSD affect your daily life—take the first step towards healing by reaching out to our experienced medical trauma therapists. Call us now to reclaim your confidence and well-being.

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The information on this website is to provide a general information. In no way does any of the information provided reflect a definitive treatment advice. It is important to consult a best in class trauma counselor in WPB regarding ANY questions or issues. A thorough evaluation should ALWAYS be performed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure to call your local trauma therapist, to schedule a assessment.